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Emerald Wilson-Bey

Woman, Mom, Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner, Philanthropist, Producer, YouTube Personality

Born to a United States Navy couple, on July 13, 1982, at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. at 2:33pm. Spending her early years living and attending grade school in the rough neighborhoods of Anacostia, East of the Anacostia River. Attending several schools as the family moved around DC. After her parents divorced, Emerald spent much of her time living with her grandparents. Unable to escape the toils and temptations of inner-city life, Emerald found herself a high school dropout, later receiving her GED via Phelps SHS STAY Program in 2000.

Emerald began working as a receptionist at DC General Hospitals Diagnostic Center. Tiresome in the Diagnostic camera wing, later transferring to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, working with Veterans in the Rehabilitation wing, part of the SummerWorks program founded by, late Mayor Marion Barry. Where she met and befriended, Major James Krilich and his wife, Colonel Francis Ann Iacoboni-Krilich. She dove head first into the environment there. Herself receiving a certificate of Appreciation from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2000, after 3 years of service.

Her earlier years of employment included working for National Symphony Orchestra part-time for 2 years, after falling in love with John Williams, " Titanic ", musical piece, and a than, 14 year old, Midori. Later marrying, and giving birth to three children. She also attended, Applied Career Training for Medical Assisting, class of 2007, working for a private doctors office for three years thereafter.

After a short stint in healthcare, she attended Long & Foster Gaithersburg Regional in 2009 and got into the Real Estate Relocation business. Forming her first company in 2012, adding publishing 2014, with the release of three titles and a adult dating website. After leaving real estate for good in 2014, “The Wilson-Bey Group LLC “ , became “The Wilson-Bey Group Multifaceted LLC in 2016. She also founded, Exclusive Emerald Collection LLC, a nationwide online store in 2015 and brick & mortar store in 2017.

When not working, she enjoys being mom, travel, donates often to various charities, she is a longtime member of PEP (Parental Encouragement Program), a Silver Life Member of the NAACP (National Association Advancement of Colored People), longtime member of, IAW (International Association of Women) , longtime member of , IWF (Independent Women Forum), IWV (Independent Women Voice) and Member of the Honor Society.

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Get down and dirty with Emerald on her new YouTube web show, airing every Monday at 1pm PCT. Talk about the who's who, the what & when, and all the in between. As a Woman, a Mother, a Author, a Business owner, and b​usinesswoman, she's up on current events, and she want's to discuss them with you!

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Emerald has many passions...


Women's Equality

As a woman in business, Emerald knows how hard it is to retain respect and just treatment from counterparts for women.


Discrimination & Prejudice

As an African American, Emerald understands the ongoing battle in America to evade the dangers and strong holds of racism and disparaging treatment for minorities.

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Political Reform

Emerald knows what it's like to contact your local government and discover they are nearly to blame and complicit in the issues the citizens of their community are facing.


Law Enforcement Reform & Corruption

Growing up in an inner city, Emerald got to see the distrust in law enforcement take shape to where it is today. She understands how this has got to this and she sees the need for change to improve the trust in our police and justice system.


Emerald founded her first company, The Wilson-Bey Group in 2012, not just to provide for her family, but as a "beacon" of hope for women of all walks of life, that we can do anything we set our minds to!

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